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¿Looking for Friends?


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Listing of Women: Peru.


Number: D-006
Nick: Mili
Age: 26
Profession / Activity : Tec. Networks and Data communication.
Sports: Volleyball, Basquetball and Aerobics
Hobbys: To read, listen soft music and sports
Description of herself: "I am a calm person, who value much the friendship, I have dreams and objectives. I am pawned on fulfilling them. I like the children ."

Characteristic that Seeks in a Friendship: "I like the people that value the friendship, that does not concern the race or the religión.I like the people of ample thought, those who like music and the art. People, don't matter women or men, to establish one pretty friendship"

Additional comments: I hope find friends to interchange ideas and thoughts.


Number: D-012
Nick /Name: Bily
Age: 19
Profession / Activity : Computer Science student
Sports: Basketball
Hobbys: The movies, the karaoke, to sing and dance.
Language: Spanish
Description of herself: " I am glad and optimistic "
Additional comments: I would like to know one person with similar characteristics."


Nick /Name: Eliana
Age: 28
Profession / Activity : Mechanical engineer.
Sports: To run and to mount bicycle.

Hobbys: " I like to listen music, to read and to collect, romantic and reflection readings. The movies, to take a walk by a pretty place, to see the sea in a dusk. I love to cook, i like the rock and the "salsa" and to dance."

Language: Spanish and English.
Description of herself:" About me, I can say that i like to talk with sincere and simple people; i am sincere, simple and spontaneous"
Characteristic that Seeks in a Friendship: "I would like to know friends greater of 28 years, sincere, simple, intelligent, glad, sensible, comprehensive"


Number: D-026
Nick /Name: Rosrick
Age: 41
Profession / Activity : Connoisseur of the life
Hobbys: To read and to listen music.
Language: Spanish.

Description of herself: " I am a woman with dreams. I believe in the people and in solidarity"

Characteristic that Seeks in a Friendship: "I am looking for friends, that to help me to grow, because the world is a search of experiences and feelings "


Number: D-030
Nick /Name: Irene
Age: 19
Profession / Activity : Student of Obstetrics
Sports: Basketball and swimming
Hobbys: To paint, to draw, to read novels, poesias, etc.
Language: Spanish.

Description of herself: " I am extremely timid, but i can open me, very well when i write. I love to dream. "

Characteristic that Seeks in a Friendship: "Patience, commitment, seriousness, attention, compatibility, loyalty"
Additional comments:" My dream is to find to a friend for all the life, with share so many experiences and learn from that. I want to know a real friendship"



Number: D-040
Nick /Name: Grima
Age: 25
Profession / Activity : Lawyer in Sciences of the Communication
Sports: Swimming
Language: Spanish.

Description of herself: "Amused, comprehensive and creative"

Characteristic that Seeks in a Friendship: " Sincere people, amused, whom like to know other cultures and countries and that they like the animals and the good vibrations "
Additional comments: " I am unmarried mother, so if there people to share experiences, better"


Number: D-041
Nick /Name: Carlota Polo
Age: 52
Profession / Activity : Social assistant and Industrial Relations
Hobbys: "To photograph, the music, the reading, excursions and to travel "
Language: Spanish.

Description of herself: " I am of energetic character, very dynamic, I like the good conversation about culture, politic and philosophy"

Characteristic that Seeks in a Friendship: "To know new people and to interchange culture "


Number: D-047
Nick /Name: Rossy
Age: 30
Profession / Activity : I am technical in computation.
Sports: "To run"
Hobbys: " I like the gardening, to paint and to draw "
Language: Spanish and english.

Description of herself: " I live in amazonia of Peru, the women of this place, are very glad; I also consider me a romantic woman, very simple, in love with the nature and the life "

Characteristic that Seeks in a Friendship: " I would like to contact with European young people (men), people that like the nature and the art "


Number: D-048
Nick /Name: Maris
Age: 29
Profession / Activity : Professor in Education
Sports: "To run"
Hobbys: " To write all type of novels "
Language: Spanish and english.

Description of herself: " I am a young unmarried woman, i am medium stature, black hair and eyes, with great good humor and desire to know other cultures "

Characteristic that Seeks in a Friendship: " I am looking for european, honest, romantic and warm friends, that like to share a good friendship"


Number: D-062
Nick /Name: Liseth
Age: 21
Profession / Activity : Student of psychology
Sports: "I practiced Karate and tae bo"
Hobbys: "I like to do hand-work: like cards; to listen music. I love to dance because clear the stress"
Language: Spanish.

Description of herself: " I am sincere and transparent, cheer, honest, good heart. I appreciate and love the life, nevertheless that I had encountered sometimes and i have some painful memories, that had marked my life, but those experiences, are part of me."

Characteristic that Seeks in a Friendship: "I look for woman or man, good friend that values the friendship and the respect, the sincere and the true. I don't want somebody that lie only because the friendship is by e-mails. I am not looking for a special characteristic because i think that the friends muss be accepted like they are. The only thing that I request is that they do not disappoint to me"


Number: D-067
Nick /Name: Lissett.
Country: Peru.
Age: 18
Profession / Activity : Technical Student.
Hobbys: "I like the movies, the beach, to draw, to listen music, and to travell"
Language: Spanish.

Description of herself: "I am a romantic girl, cheer, sociable, like the adventure... etc"

Characteristic that Seeks in a Friendship: "I looking for a boy of between 19 and 24 years, for a lasting friendship and, if God wants, a stable relation.
Additional comments:


Number: D-068
Nick /Name: Marilia.
Country: Peru.
Age: 35
Profession / Activity : History of the Art and Languages. Artist .
Sports: "Walking, bike, to swing"
Hobbys: " Photography and to sing"
Language: Spanish.

Description of herself: "I am an amiable and friendly person with glad and optimistic character, and interested coverall in the arts, music and the letters. I love the trips and the nature"

Characteristic that Seeks in a Friendship: "Sincerity, tolerance, courtesy love by the arts, and common interest to share"
Additional comments: "I preside over a cultural association, and for that reason I hope to make friendship with European artists of diverse disciplines, with the interest in developing projects of artistic-cultural interchange"


Number: D-070
Nick /Name: Giannina Cecilia .
Country: Peru.
Age: 30
Profession / Activity : Psychologist.
Sports: "Chess and walking"
Hobbys: " Chess, long walks in the beach, reading, to listen music"
Language: Spanish.

Description of herself: "I am a calm, sensible, enthusiastic person with many desires to find happiness, emotion and sincerity of the life. I come from a great family of 12 brothers, i am number 10 and i have a twin sister, who lives in Belgium. In my free time, i love the reading, and to appreciate the puttings of the sun in the border of the sea, or the breaking of the waves in cliffs. I value much the persons who maintain their ideals and fight by them. I think that we need to flght to find the love and the the friendship. I look for a real and sincere love and a life where every moment is worth to be alive "

Characteristic that Seeks in a Friendship: " I want to find friends, i have a sister in Belgien and i would like to find people that reside close to her, because when i travell to thera than i could be with my friends too. I would preference to meet people between 30 and 40 years and if they know about psychology, better."
Additional comments: " ---"



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