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¿Looking for Friends?


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Listing of Women: Netherlands.


Number: D-010
Nick /Name: Angeles .
Country:Venezuela, but now i live in Holland
Age: 32
Profession / Activity : At the moment I am housewife .
Hobbys: The music and to read.
Language: Spanish and Dutch.

Description of herself: " I am very sociable, simple and I love adore to know new cultures, because that is really interesting; I am good friend and like to much to dance"

Characteristic that Seeks in a Friendship: "I would like to know good and respectful people; and it would be wonderful to contact or to make friendships with people from my country"


Number: D-063
Nick /Name: Angel
Country: Colombia. I live in Holland.
Age: 36
Profession / Activity : Licentiate in Modern Languages
Sports: "I don´t practice any sport, but i like to to swim."
Hobbys: "Go to the movies, listen music (mainly "salsa"), to read, aerobics"
Language: Spanish, english, dutch and french.

Description of herself: " I am Afro-American, married with a Dutch and i have a 3 years old girl. I am an honest, sincere person, cheers, very positive, discreet, friendly. I know to listen the friends and treatment to understand them problems and to help a little with them problems and adversities."

Characteristic that Seeks in a Friendship: "I look for friendships in any corner of the world, specially in Holland. I want to contact mothers, because would be interesant if we can to interchange ideas about the education of our children and our process of adaptation to a different culture."
Additional comments:" Because i am a professional of the foreign languages, could be excelent for me to receive messages from friends in different languages and in that way to practice a little more."



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