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¿Looking for Friends?


Here we show you the persons of our club "Looking for Friends" in


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Listing of Women: Mexico.


Number: D-043
Nick /Name: Arcy
Age: 39
Profession / Activity : Teacher of Languages
Sports: "Gymnastics"
Hobbys: "To coexist with the friends and to study languages"
Language: "Spanish, French, English, Italian and just a little bit of Russian, so you can write to me in these languages. At the moment iam studying German."

Description of herself: " Extremely friendly and I like to interchange information of my country and other countries with people worldwide"

Characteristic that Seeks in a Friendship: " I look sincerity, honesty, support, confidence and cultural interchange"
Additional comments:" I want to have contact with people of several countries that speak some of the languages that i mentioned; people that like to share information and customs of them countries "


Number: D-052
Nick /Name: Clause Ymabe
Age: 36
Profession / Activity : Accountant. I work in the department of construction and projection from a company
Sports: "Spin byke"
Hobbys: "To take a walk by the beach when there are few people, to read, to listen music "
Language: Spanish.

Description of herself: "I am brown skin, i have brown eyes and i am 1,63 mts.

Characteristic that Seeks in a Friendship: "I only wante to know people and to see if a good connection can be established "
Additional comments:" I like to go out with my friends and to be with my family, parents, nephews and brothers.


Number: D-055
Nick /Name: Norx
Age: 26
Profession / Activity : Student of Degree of Laws.
Hobbys: "To swimming, to read, to dance and the music, to read a little and watch TV"
Language: Spanish.

Description of herself: " I am glad person, thin and 1,65 mts. I have brown-clear skin , and my eyes are brown too."

Characteristic that Seeks in a Friendship: "I would like to know somebody sincere, not hypocrite whom says the things right, without lies "



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