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¿Looking for Friends?


Here we show you the persons of our club "Looking for Friends" in


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Listing of Women: Colombia.


Number: D-035
Nick /Name: Sofía
Age: 25
Profession / Activity : Student
Sports: Swimming
Language: Spanish.

Description of herself: " I am a very serious person, i value the people just as they are. I am very sincere, humble and simple "

Characteristic that Seeks in a Friendship: " I am looking for people of good feelings, sincere, simple, humble; and one person that like to share with the others"
Additional comments:" I prefer a person who can to talk spanish, because i don't know other languague"


Number: D-039
Nick /Name: Johana López Cruz
Age: 26
Profession / Activity : Nurse
Sports: To walk and basketball
Hobbys: "I play guitar, to walk in the beach and to listen music"
Language: Spanish.

Description of herself: " I am a glad, respectful, judicious person, when I have a friendship. I like to pray to God "

Characteristic that Seeks in a Friendship: " I like that the people are sincere first with them same and then with the others, respectful and tender "
Additional comments:" I love the solitude and walking at night under the moon at 6:30 "


Number: D-071
Nick /Name: Luz Marina Villamizar
Age: 41
Profession / Activity :Work in a company of telecommunications, in Bucaramanga, Colombia where I carry out to me like technique in the countryside of my city.
Hobbys: " I like the sport, to travel, collaborate with quality works, make social work in the marginalized districts of the city, also i love dance, arts, gymnastics, to read; i love the music and cook at week ends "
Language: Spanish.

Description of herself: " I think that i am cheers, noncomplicated, worker, with desire to enjoy the life with a person who fills my expectations to make to me a woman in all the sense of the word "

Characteristic that Seeks in a Friendship: " I look a gentelman of 36 years or older; that is compatible with my tastes; athletic, affectionate, whom want to formalize a friendship "



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