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¿Looking for Friends?


Here we show you the persons of our club "Looking for Friends" in


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Listing of Women: Chile.


Number: D-025
Nick /Name: Vivekka
Age: 45
Profession / Activity : Specialist in Nutrition and professor of technological education
Sports: Physical activities like bicycles static, exercises to strengthen the body, to walk, to dance, etc.
Hobbys: The Gastronomy and the social protocol; to film videos on the nature etc. Music, and activities of personal growth.
Language: Spanish.

Description of herself: " I feel so good myself; i am affectionate, I do the possible thing to act in good form. I consider myself very loyal and sincere, entertainment and of easy communication. I am always in the search of new knowledge "

Characteristic that Seeks in a Friendship: "That they like and take in importance about them personal presentation, security, frank and friendly attitude, good conversation, very respectful and gentile without it means to sacrifice them own self-esteem. That they have culture, for me don´t matter if they have equal or different interest like me, because thus we will be able to interchange mutual knowledge and to become rich mutually. I man who know exactly what he looks in an affective relation "
Additional comments:" I am looking for a friend-man whom gives me to much love"


Number: D-038
Nick /Name: Adagio
Age: 40
Profession / Activity : Designer in Publicity and Decoration
Sports: To walk
Hobbys: "I like to read, to listen music and to talk"
Language: Spanish.

Description of herself: " Optimist, thinker, "i know to listen", loyal, inquisitive, sensible "

Characteristic that Seeks in a Friendship: " Of being human to being human, good cultural level, of emotional deliveries; of generous affection, to share everything "
Additional comments:" I request transparency, because i believe so much in the people, which make me make vulnerable "


Number: D-054
Nick /Name: MINNHA
Age: 40
Profession / Activity : Teacher
Sports: "To sing"
Hobbys: "To take a walk by the beach when there are few people, to read, to listen music "
Language: Spanish.

Description of herself: " I am red-hair,a glad and positive, i have desire to know friends so glad and good like me. I live the movies and to go to dance "salsa" whenever I can; there is not no subject that stops me at the time of talking."

Characteristic that Seeks in a Friendship: "I am looking one person in my age for share ideas, experiences and to laugh about anything "



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