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¿Looking for Friends?


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Listing of Women: Argentina.


Number: D-002
Nick /Name: Irene
Country: Argentina
City: Salta
Age: 51
Profession / Activity : Producer of insurances of life and investments.
Sports: To walk
Hobbys: To Read, listen music, the gardening, to cook, the Internet, the theater, to travel, to have friends, to dance, and go out to eat.
Languages: Spanish
Description of herself: "I am 1,70 of height, 62 kg weight, blond hair, brown eyes. I am likeable, I like to laugh and to enjoy all the things of the life"
Characteristic that Seeks in a Friendship: Sincerity, affection, loyalty, conversations, to enjoy the life.

Additional comments: I don't like the negative persons.


Number: D-018
Nick /Name: Natasha
Age: 20
Profession / Activity : Student.
Sports: To run

Hobbys: "To read, to walk, to listen music"

Language: Spanish.
Description of herself: " I am a person whom like the sincerity and the loyalty. I like to fight by my goals, sometimes I am a little impulsive, but i accept the consequences of my decisions, I am frank, responsible, i like my freedom and the nature. I value much the family and the friends, because they are the important things in the life "
Characteristic that Seeks in a Friendship: " I am looking for friends, don't matter the country; sincere, simple and that appreciates the friendship."

Additional comments: "I am studying in Paraguay, I will finish my studies this year. I want stay here a short time and later, i would like to go to to Italy, Spain, or to another place of Europe; i only speak the Spanish, but I will study other languages if i have the chance. I am working in a distributing company of Internet, with that I pay my studies. I am not scared to the change or to the stranger, no matter how hard that can be. I have my dreams and i know that exists the possibility of making them reality... Greetings."


Number: D-020
Nick /Name: Fer
Profession / Activity : Analyst in Administrative Computation
Sports: I don't practice any sport. As watching I like: Basketball, Indi Car, Tennis.
Hobbys: I love old objects, I collect object of glass.

Description of herself: "I am very nice, of good treatment and education, mainly very glad and I feel physically very well "

Characteristic that Seeks in a Friendship: "I would like to contact with people to interchange data about cultures, life forms. I like the life in family and the good kitchen too. (I am excellent cook) "


Number: D-028
Nick /Name: Alicia
Age: 50
Profession / Activity : I administer the company of my husband
Hobbys: I like to read, to listen music and the gymnastics
Language: Spanish.

Description of herself: " I am 1,70m, weight 65 kg, blond of straight hair and i have the spirit of a person of 20. I am peculiar, troubles and of good character "

Characteristic that Seeks in a Friendship: "I want to communicate me with people of all the world, to interchange ideas and to have a friendship"
Additional comments:" My real interest is communicate me to have friends, to tell them things about me and the place where i live. A hug "


Number: D-056
Nick /Name: Tachi
Age: 42
Profession / Activity : Pharmaceutics
Hobbys: "To paint pictures "
Language: Spanish.

Description of herself: " I am friendly, extroverted, sociable and with great sense of humor."

Characteristic that Seeks in a Friendship: "I would like to meet someone who knows the true meaning from the word FRIENDSHIP "


Number: D-066
Nick /Name: PADMA.
Age: 60
Profession / Activity : Professor of Yoga and eastern philosophy.
Hobbys: "The painting and reading ."
Language: Spanish.

Description of herself:

Characteristic that Seeks in a Friendship: "I looking for friends that enrich to me with their own experiences, and that they want to share mine; without limits of age, sex, religious race or beliefs.
Additional comments:



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