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¿Looking for Friends?


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Listing of Men: Venezuela.


Number: C-008
Nick /Name: Vulcan
Age 25
Profession / Activity : Industralist
Sports: Basketball
Hobbys: To read
Languague: Spanish, English, French and Italian. .
Description of himself: " I am an honest and opened person "


Number: C-026
Nick /Name: KAB
Age: 18
Profession / Activity : University Student
Sports: Swimming and Football (soccer)
Hobbys: Football (soccer)
Language: To read, go to the movies, swimming, to eat, to sleep, to go out, to trip and the football
Description of himself: " I am calm, pleasant, gentile, intelligent, serious and CHEVERE"
Characteristic that Seeks in a Friendship: "I do not have children, I do not smoke, I only drink in special moments. I am white and 1.72cm ."


Number: C-029
Nick /Name: Noldor
Age: 28
Profession / Activity : Computers
Sports: Diving
Hobbys: Trips, reading, photograph, art, music.
Language: Spanish
Description of himself: " I am 28 years old, I have brown skin, i am 1,69 mts and weight 85 kg; I consider myself someone spiritual and mature, nevertheless. I am searching new friends, because I am unmarried and my velveteens are married. Desire to travel and to know everything. I love the art, mainly movies (Spanish, French) and music (electronic and rock). I do not have commitments, or children. Write me so you can know me better, greetings"
Characteristic that Seeks in a Friendship: "That they are not superficial, i am looking controversial people, that like to travel and that they love music and movies like me "


Number: C-046
Nick /Name: Pepe
Age: 31
Profession / Activity : Journalist,
Sports: Football
Hobbys: Football, chess, FIFA 2002, and the movies.
Language: Spanish
Description of himself: " I work in a TV channel, and like is logical, i am a little addict to the information channels and those newspapers that nowadays dedicate space to which happens in Venezuela "
Characteristic that Seeks in a Friendship: "I would like to verify that the friendship exists in Internet, mainly when Venezuela is divided by political reasons and nothing is like before. Most important is to know people, and to know how they think."


Number: C-050
Nick /Name: Asdrubal
Age: 40
Profession / Activity : Photographer
Sports: I like to practice Aikido and the shot with arc.
Hobbys: "To listen jazz, modern and classic music; to read, to watch a film"
Language: Spanish and english
Description of himself: " I am a calm, sociable, enterprising person. I like to speak with people of other nationalities and to share other ideas and opinions and cultures "
Characteristic that Seeks in a Friendship: " I am looking sincerity and understanding, one person with whom to speak and to listen... to have a continuity of the speech between two people in all the subjects of the life"
Additional commentaries: " I would like to know people from Holland and that they talk with me about them experience there... because i want to make a course or to improve my studies in photography and have plans to go there. I wish to have friendships with people around Europe"


Number: C-051
Nick /Name: Emiliano
Age: 22
Profession / Activity : Tourism
Sports: Baseball and Football
Language: Spanish and a few english
Description of himself: " My familiy is from Cuba, i want to know people around the world, my english is not good but may be friends from others countries can help me with that "
Characteristic that Seeks in a Friendship: "I want to share interests about the art, music and Literature "


Number: C-056
Nick /Name: Alex
Age: 23
Profession / Activity : Student of Architecture .
Sports: I like the F-1
Hobbys: " I like the movies, the music, to read, T.V, and many things else.
Language: Spanish
Description of himself: " I am thin, dark-skinned, i am 1,70 m; and i want to be your best friend, i promise it."
Additional commentaries: " I like to know people around the world and to share all kind from ideas "


Number: C-062
Nick /Name: Eduardo
Age: 45
Profession / Activity : Engineer in Electronics, Expert in computation.
Sports: Football, excursions
Hobbys: "Electronic technology and computation, to watch films, to listen music"
Language: Spanish and English.
Description of himself: " I am always worried to learn something new every day, and to share experiences and knowledge "
Characteristic that Seeks in a Friendship: "Restlessness to know technologies and desire to share a friendship. "
Additional commentaries: " I like to much, to see films and to listen music"



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