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¿Looking for Friends?


Here we show you the persons of our club "Looking for Friends" in www.europanas.com,

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Listing of Men: Mexico.


Number: C-001
Nick /Name: Carlos German
Country: USA.
City: Boston, Mass.
Edad: 37
Profession / Activity : Writer
Languages: Spanish and English
Description of himself:
Characteristic that Seeks in a Friendship: Friendship with europeans ladys in age between 30 and 40 years old.

Additional comments: I am of Latin origin. Job for the Boston Globe.


Number: C-015
Nick /Name: Mart
Country: Nigeria, but iam studing in Ukraine.
Age: 27
Profession / Activity : Industralist
Sports: Football
Languague: English.
Description of himself: " I am 1.71 mts, and I am of color chocolate. I am very emotional and optimistic. I am amused and I value much the personal relations."
Characteristic that Seeks in a Friendship:"Affection, loyalty; somebody that appreciete me like that I am. "
Additional comments: " I don´t matter the religion and i would like to have friendships that i can to visit or that them can visit me. "


Number: C-028
Nick /Name: Coke
Country: Pakistan
Age: 18
Profession / Activity : Textile Resources .
Sports: Cricket
Hobbys: Films and the gardening
Language: English
Description of himself: " I am looking for a female friend, between 24 and 28 years. An educated and intelligent, careful, romantic, respectful, honest in serious relations, attractive person; somebody that appreciates a relation, simple, and of easy smile"


Number: C-045
Nick /Name: Wagner Roberto
Country: Brazil
Age: 22
Profession / Activity : Computer Programmer
Sports: Football, Tennis and any kind of Radical Sports
Hobbys: "I Like Internet, reading Books (Ficction, Counter Culture, Beat Generation,...) Comics, Alternative Music from the 60s (Doors, Hendrix, Pink Floyd,..)"
Language: English and Portuguese
Description of himself: " Im finishing my degree, im bold, bon vivant, i like to travel through the country "
Characteristic that Seeks in a Friendship: "He or She should have a common taste, a compatible sense of humor. "


Number: C-065
Nick /Name: Ranjeet Sharma.
Country: India.
Age: 26
Profession / Activity : Network Engg.
Sports: Football.
Hobbys: Making new friends.
Language: English.
Description of himself: " - I am a funloving interesting person"
Characteristic that Seeks in a Friendship: "Happy and sincere Friendships in any place of the world. Persons that know to value the friendship."
Additional commentaries: "Happy and Let Happy"


Number: C-067
Nick /Name: Moustafa.
Country: Egypt .

Age: 39

Profession / Activity : Researcher and writer.
Sports: Walking.
Hobbys: .
Language: English
Description of himself:
Characteristic that Seeks in a Friendship: " I would like to speak with others (women or men) about cultural issues, specially about cultural differences."
Additional commentaries:



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