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Listing of Men: Mexico.


Number: C-009
Nick /Name: Luis Sergio
Profession / Activity : I studied to be lawyerbut i didn't finished
Sports: Football y basketball.
Hobbys: All type of music. I would like to visit Portugal, Spain and Italy.

Languague: "Of course Spanish. I speak too French, English and I can understand and to read a little Italian and portuguese"

Description of himself: " I am a simple person , i like tge sports, music and the nature. I would like to find a person compatible ."
Characteristic that Seeks in a Friendship: " I wish to kwow people from Portugal, of university age or who have concluded the university"

Additional comments: " I like to interchange postal with the friends when they like that too. If you want you can write me to : Luis Estrada Méndez Apartado Postal 3623 Managua Nicaragua. Chris R.A. Berry & A. Jean Brugger "


Number: C-044
Nick /Name: Trustme
Country: Nicaragua
Age: 38
Profession / Activity : Doctor
Sports: Football, Tennis and any kind of Radical Sports
Hobbys: "Cycling, camp, rural and urban torism. Latin music, to sing, to dance, the literature, the theater, the opera, the movies and tv. To travell, learn idioms (I speak 6 idioms European) and to cook"
Language: Spanish and other six idioms
Characteristic that Seeks in a Friendship: "Frienship with people with open mind and that they could be competent of discuss and have a conversation. I live in Europe and i want to contact others latin from here (or from there too). I love the mentality of the latins women."



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