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¿Looking for Friends?


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Listing of Men: España.


Number: C-003
Nick /Name: René Sabino
Country: Venezuela. I live now between Spain and Portugal
Age: 38
Profession / Activity : Engineer. Work at the moment in a company of aluminums
Sports: Soccer and Baseball
Hobbys: At the moment I make a program of Latin Music, in Portugal, like cultural expression of ours towns
Languages: Spanish and Portuguese
Description of himself: "I am a man whom I like to share with people and for me is dificult to speak about myself. The people say that I am amused. Physically I am not very good, but so bad, so bad either."

Characteristic that Seeks in a Friendship: "I look for a person who is true, simple and with a good character. "


Number: C-006
Nick /Name: PANESPA (man)
Country: Argentina. I live now in Spain.
Age: 37
Profession / Activity : Paisajista (Landscape) - master in Spain
Hobbys: I work and enjoy the life outdoors.
Languague: Spanish
Description of himself: "I am a normal person, with virtues and defects ".

Characteristic that Seeks in a Friendship: "I want to know woman for a good friendship (or more) in this new life that I begin in Spain. Without lies. Without obligations to continue, in case there is not affinity "


Number: C-023
Nick /Name: Raul
Country: Spain (Murcia)
Age: 59
Profession / Activity : Pensioner
Hobbys: I like the sports, to write, to dance, the music, to travel, paranoramal activity, the movies.
Language: Spanish, english
Description of himself: " I am athletic, atractive, cult."
Characteristic that Seeks in a Friendship: "I would like to contact, initially only for friendship, ladys up to 47 years old truly atractive with human quality. Specially i want to know women from Colombia or Venezuela."


Number: C-039
Nick /Name: Trimegistro 2000
Country: Mexico/Spain (double nationality)
Age: 33
Profession / Activity : Legal Adviser
Sports: "Cycling, basketball, swimming"
Hobbys: "Painting, music and computer science"
Language: Spanish, english, french, italian and catalan
Description of himself: " I am cheer and extrovert; I am admirer of the art with and i have a very great interest by the personal growth (i am making the doctoral thesis simultaneously) "
Characteristic that Seeks in a Friendship: " I look for somebody who like to live the life"
Additional commentaries: "I have an enormous passion by the cinema (movies)"


Number: C-042
Nick /Name: Juanjo
Age: 29
Profession / Activity : Commerce
Sports: To swim and to walk in the mountain
Hobbys: To write and to try to they publish my histories; to go out with the friends and to dance; i love the movies and to raise mountains
Language: Spanish
Description of himself: " I am anxious, travelling, noble, enthusiastic, friendly "
Characteristic that Seeks in a Friendship: "Sincerity, confidentiality, eagerness of knowledge about societies, cultures, behaviors, customs; i love to submerge me in the different cultures in the planet, for that reason i am looking for different friends of countries"


Number: C-053
Nick /Name: Aldobcn
Age: 37
Profession / Activity : Manager of actors
Sports: To walk
Hobbys: "Movies and to take a walk"
Language: Spanish
Description of himself: " I am myself "
Characteristic that Seeks in a Friendship: "Friendship and to go out"



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