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¿Looking for Friends?


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Listing of Men: Cuba.


Number: C-030
Nick /Name: Radel
Age: 27
Profession / Activity : Mechanical engineer
Sports: Baseball, basketball and soccer
Hobbys: Football (soccer)
Language: Spanish
Description of himself: " I am dark-skinned, high, and thin"
Characteristic that Seeks in a Friendship: "Friendships with girls of 20 to 30 years "


Number: C-037
Nick /Name: Mayito
Age: 21
Profession / Activity : Computer science
Sports: Baseball and Football
Hobbys: "To listen music, to go to the movies, to dance casino, to write e-mails, to make friendships and to share with them"
Language: Spanish and English
Description of himself: " I am a serious person, but that not always , with my friendships I am very glad, I likes to make friendships in the Internet; i am fanatical to computer science and i step hours in front of my computer to acquire every day new knowledge. On the other hand I will say that I am 1,75, I am thin of dark-skinned skin "
Characteristic that Seeks in a Friendship: " I am looking for friends (females) of any age and any part of the world to interchange ideas and experiences and to make a true friendship; to know theirs customs and theirs feelings "
Additional commentaries: " I want a true friendship, for the complete life; to interchange experiences of our lifes."


Number: C-052
Nick /Name: Kyuban
Country: Cuba
Age: 32
Profession / Activity : WebDesign
Sports: Baseball , football and aquatic sports
Language: Spanish
Description of himself: " I am very glad. I like to interchange experiencies about all the subjects "
Characteristic that Seeks in a Friendship: "I am looking for the sincerity, optimism, joy, intelligence"


Number: C-054
Nick /Name: Sankyo
Country: Cuba
Profession / Activity : Student
Hobbys: "Music and Computer Games (Age Of Empires, Quake, Need For Speed)"
Language: Spanish
Description of himself: " I am not very high, blond, decent, sincere and friendly "


Number: C-063
Nick /Name: Radel
Country: Cuba.
Profession / Activity : Mechanical engineer.
Sports: I like all but mainly: baseball, football and basketball.
Language: Spanish.
Description of himself: " I am serious, a little timid, responsible, cheers, loyal, and familiar."
Characteristic that Seeks in a Friendship: "I wish to find a woman with similars characteristics and good feelings. Sincere and loyal."
Additional commentaries:



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