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Rubén Blades.


This singer, author, musician and poet, with an enormous social conscience, was born in City of Panama in 1948. From very small was influenced musically by his parents, who were musical fans. His qualities of composer were demonstrated in the age of six years when Ruben won a writing aid

The political problems between his country n and the United States, happened in his adolescence, leave in him a deep track. At the age of 18 years he started to be singer, and to the 20 he made, in New York, his first disc. At that time his letters, with social content, do not were good to the latin musical style in the Great Apple. He returned to Panama where, he followed the studies and obtained the title of Lawyer. Later, motivated by the political atmosphere of his country, he transferred soon to Miami and to New York, where he obtained a position of office in the Disc Company FANIA.

Once he began there to have contact with people of the music atmosphere, among them Ray Barreto, who proposes to him to occupy the position of vocal in his orchestra. Soon of the fast passage by the orchestra of Ray Barreto; in 1975 he started to work with Willie Colon, which will be decisive and determining in them artistic lives and for the history of the salsa. United them talents, they do not stop to produce until the beginning of the Eighties, LPs that are true musical jewels.

Of them first album " Metiendo Mano" is possible to emphasize the impeccable songs " Plantación Adentro " and " Pablo Pueblo"; the second album " Siembra " is considered by all the critical like one of most important of Latin music. The song " Pedro Navaja ", breaks all the record of sale and popularity for a song of its type and is, from all point of view, one of the classic ones of the salsa of all the times.

A conflict with the disc company took he to leave the union with Willie Colon, in 1982. Soon, Ruben decided to create his grouping " Seis del Solar" suppressing metals and introducing others elements, producing an album " Agua de Luna " that won a Grammy

In 1990, Son del Solar made an album of dismissed to direct (" Live ") from the Lonestar Roadhouse in New York.

In 1994, Rubén Blades appeared like candidate to the Presidency of Panama, heading a movement, (Papa Egoro- Earth Mother), whose slogan was the fight against the social inequalities and injustices. He was not chosen; but we can continue enjoying his talent.


Discs and Albums.

  1. De Panamá a New York. (With the Pete Rodriguez Orchest) 1970
  2. Barreto. (Barreto and his Orchesta) 1975
  3. Metiendo Mano. (Willie Colon Presents Rubén Blades) 1977
  4. Siembra. (Willie Colon & Rubén Blades) 1978
  5. Maestra Vida. (Firts Part) 1980
  6. Maestra Vida. (Second Part) 1980
  7. Canciones del Solar de los Aburridos. (Willie Colon & Rubén Blades) 1981
  8. The Last Fight (Willie Colon & Rubén Blades) 1982
  9. El que la Hace la Paga. 1983
  10. Mucho Mejor. 1984
  11. Buscando América. (Rubén Blades and Seis del Solar) 1984
  12. Escenas. (Rubén Blades and Seis del Solar) 1985
  13. Agua de Luna. (Rubén Blades and Seis del Solar) 1987
  14. Doble Filo. 1987
  15. With Strings. 1988
  16. Nothing but the Truth. 1988
  17. Antecedente. (Rubén Blades and Seis del Solar) 1988
  18. Live! (Rubén Blades and Seis del Solar) 1990
  19. Caminando. (Rubén Blades and Seis del Solar) 1991
  20. Amor y Control. (Rubén Blades and Seis del Solar) 1992
  21. Tras la Tormenta. (Rubén Blades and Seis del Solar) 1995
  22. La Rosa de los Vientos. 1996
  23. Tiempos. 1999.


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