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Buckingham Palace.


Buckingham Palace.

The palace of Buckingham, is one of the buildings more known world-wide level, and is visited annually by more than 50,000 people: the public or tourists who have access to several rooms of the palace during the summer; as well as, to the hosts of the banquets, real lunches, receptions and parties in the garden.

The palace has about 600 quarters, although the Queen and her husband, the Duke of Edimburg, use only twelve of them in a suite. The palace is the official residence of the Queen, who like head of the state, organizes many receptions. When the real flag waves in Buckingham, it means that the Queen is in the palace.

Buckingham Palace.


Some Data.

George IV initiated the construction of the Buckingham Palace around year 1819, and after many financial disputes with the parliament, the construction began under the direction of the architect Juan Nash. Nevertheless, the disputes and the economic readjustment continued interfering with the palace (its original entrance was the Marble Arc, that now is near the Oxford street) until its present facade was constructed by the architect Edward Blare.

In addition to be the official residence of the Queen in London, Buckingham also lodges the administrative headquarters of the monarchy. The palace, is then, a work building, is the central piece of the constitutional monarchy of Great Britain. It contains the offices of the personnel who attends the Queen, the Duke of Edimburgo and them immediate family, in them daily activities and duties.

The building is also the place for the great ceremonies, real visits of state and investitures, that are ordered by the real house. Although in palace of Buckingham finds famous and valuable works of art, that are a part of the real collection (one of the main art collections at world-wide level) the palace is not an art gallery or a museum.

Guardia Real.


The Changing of the Guard.

During the summer, at the front of the Palace takes place the "Change of Guard" ; that is a popular event for the visitors of London between the firts of April and the first days of July, to 11:30 hours (also takes place on alternative days at other times).

Since 1660, Household Troops have guarded the Sovereign and the Royal Palaces. The Queen's Guard usually consists of Foot Guards in full-dress uniform of red tunics and bearskins. The New Guard marches to the Palace from Wellington Barracks with a Guards band, the Old Guard hands over in a ceremony during which the sentries are changed and then returns to barracks. The New Guard then marches to St James's Palace leaving the detachment at Buckingham Palace.


Westminster Abbey.

Westminster Abbey.


The Westminster Abbey has been in the heart of English history by almost 1000 years, being the scene for each coronation from 1066. The abbey is a "Royal Peculiar" and, unlike other churches, it is under the jurisdiction of a Dean and the authority of the Sovereign. The abbey is the place of the coronation, marriage and of the burial of British monarchs, except Edward V and Edward VIII from 1066. The visitors can see the tomb of the unknown soldier, the real tomb and the Shrine of Edward the Confessor, the chair of the coronation, the Lady Chapel, the corner of the poets, chapels etc. Most of the present building, was made between centuries XIII and XVI.


Importants dates.


Edward the Confessor, constructed a church, in the Norman style , for the the Benedictine monks. The king decided to be buried there. The only representation of this building is shown on the Bayeux Tapestry. Consecrated 28 December.


This church replaced an earlier one but nothing is known about its appearance.


A Lady Chapel in the Gothic style was begun at the east end of the church.


Henry III , began pulling down the old Norman church to rebuild it in the new Gothic style. The eastern part and the transepts appear to have been finished by 1259. The choir was completed by 1269 when the building was consecrated. A small section of the nave had been finished by the time of Henry's death in 1272, but the old Norman nave still remained attached to the larger Gothic building.


The Norman Nave was gradually demolished and rebuilt, as finance became available, retaining the original Gothic style of the eastern part of the Abbey so that the church appears to be all of the same date. The top parts of the west towers remained unfinished. In 1503 the foundation stone of Henry VII's chapel was laid after the earlier Lady Chapel had been demolished. This is built in the Perpendicular style of architecture, with a magnificent fan-vaulted roof. 1745 The top parts of the western towers were completed, to designs of Sir Christopher Wren modified by Nicholas Hawksmoor.

Westminster Abbey..


Dimensions and Capacity.

Covered surface: 2972 square meters

Outer Length: 161.5 meters

Height of the western towers: 68 meters

Inner Length: 156 meters

Height inner nave: 31 meters

Wide of ship and corridors: 21.5 meters

Length of the ship: l66 meters.

Capacity: In the normal services capacity (seated) near 2000. In the ceremony of coronation in l953, they attended around 8200 persons.


Legend of the Abbey.

In 1932, was believed to see the appearance of a Benedictine monk, to float to a certain distance of the ground, and soon to disappear through a wall faces of transept of the south. There is another spirit who frequents deanery. It is known of two monks who died in the Abbey, one during a robbery in 1303;, and the other in the time of king Richard II, when a crazy person attacked and assassinated to one of the brothers.


Tower of London.


Tower of London. (Picture copyright by Castlles of the World)


The tower of London is the more popular tourist attraction of the city. Within their walls many fascinating facts have happened. The Tower has served as strength, real residence, prison, House of the Real Currency, Public seat, Observatory, Registry office, of military quarters, and also place of execution, and zoological park. Nowadays Today it holds the vault for the crown jewels.

In 1941, the tower was used like prison for the associate of Adolf Hitler, Rudolf Hess. Other notables prisoners have been: Sir Walter Raleigh, who was executed there in 1618; two wifes of Henry VIII, Anne Boleyn and Katherine Howard; Elizabeth I, before she got to be queen; Sir Thomas Dwells; and Thomas Cromwell. In the Tower were the princes Edward V and his brother the Duke of York, when they were assassinated in 1483.

William, Duke of Normandía, conquered England in 1066. One of the first tasks that he initiated like king, was the construction of a strength in the city of London. This structure, call the "white tower" , was begun in 1066, and concluded several years later by the son of the king, William Rufus. The white tower rises today, in the center of a complex of buildings of 7.3 hectares that denominates "the tower of London" . In addition to the white tower, there are 19 other towers. The Thames river flows by a face of the complex. A great grave, or the low ditch, surrounds it; this ditch, that sometimes was full of water, was drained in 1843 and is now covered with grass.

Most of the buildings in the complex of the tower, are not open to the tourists. Many of the structures, including some of the towers, serve as home for more than 50 families, of the workers of the place. Among them they are warders yeoman comúnmente, well-known like Beefeaters, who keep the buildings.

Between the places opened to the visitors, they are: the white tower, the house of the jewel (located in the quarters of Waterloo), and the real museum of Fusiliers, that is the most popular.


The White Tower.

In the first look, it seems to be a square building, but, in fact, two of their walls are not of same lenght.El thickness of the walls extends from 4.6 meters, in the base, to 3.4 meters in the superior levels.


The White Tower. (Picture copyright by Castlles of the World)


The interior of the construction is divided in several rooms, most of which are arsenals. These include the Sporting Gallery, containing displays of sporting weapons from the Middle Ages; the Tournament Gallery, with jousting armor and weaponry; the Medieval Gallery, with a large array of weapons and armor from the period prior to 1500; the 16th- and 17th-century galleries; and the Royal Armory Gallery. In addition to the armor museums, the White Tower contains the chapel of St. John.


The Jewel House.

The house of jewels contains one of the most spectacular gems collections and royal regalia, that exists. The gems include the jewels of the crown of Great Britain: crowns, sceptres and objects adorned with precious stones. The imperial crown used by the monarchs in the state occasions, was designed for the coronation of queen Victoria in 1838. Between its gems is the smaller of two diamonds " Star of Africa "; which were cut of the famous Cullinan diamond (the diamond greater that has ever been found)

The larger Star of Africa is in the royal scepter; it weighs 530 carats.


The Royal Fusiliers Museum.

The real museum of Fusiliers has one small sample of uniforms, medals, and trophies of the real regiment of Fusiliers, with date from the XVII century to the present. It is located in a separated building on the east side of the tower courtyard.

Tower of London. (Picture copyright by Castlles of the World)



Among other historical buildings not opened to the public is the "house of the queen", constructed in 1530. It contains the room in where lived Anne Boleyn before her execution.

Through the yard of the house is the chapel of St. Peter ad Vincula. Constructed originally in century XII, it contains crypts of several notable people, some of which were executed in the tower. The chapel is open only to guided tours.


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