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Grupo MANÁ.


The history of " MANA" begins in the middle of the Seventies in Guadalajara, Mexico; thanks to four friends who are united to interpret songs of Led Zeppelin, the Beatles and the Rolling Stones. These friends created a group called ' The Green Hat Spies', who with time would become " Green Hat " and, finally, in " Sombrero Verde ", in the translation to the Spanish.

With the name of "Sombrero verde" they published two discs: "Sombreo verde" and " A ritmo de rock", with poor results as far as sales.

In 1985, due to the failure of them previous works, the group made several changes, maintaining the creative base within the band: Fernando Olvera (vocal), Juan Diego Calleros (bass) and its Ulises brother (guitar); adding to the band to Alexander González, (drummer) with roots Cuban-Colombians. From then, they decided to change them stage name by " MANA " and to use Latin rates in them compositions.

In 1987, they publish them first album, titled " MANA " with discreet results

In 1989, they published them second album, " Falta Amor" ", which was not an immediate successful. It was until both following years when Manna would occur to know by all them country, with more than seventy concerts, several prizes and golden records by that album. Of this album we can emphasize the songs: " Rayando el sol ", " Perdido en un barco ", "Buscándola" y "Agotado".

In 1992, they published the album " Dónde jugarán los niños", engraved in studies of Los Angeles. Ulises Calleros becomes manager of the group and enter Caesar Lopez (Vampire) and Iván González. The disc becomes a record of sales, not only in Mexico, but also in: Chile, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Venezuela and Argentina " Dónde jugarán los niños " it was placed between best the 50 albums of the Billboard Latino by more than 97 weeks. During this time, the video of the song " Vivir sin Aire" won a prize of MTV like better video of the year. Other prizes followed to them, such as those of Billboard by the best album and group of pop rock.

At the end of 1993, Vampiro and Iván leave the group. In spite of this, Fher, Alex and Juan, released an double live " Maná en Vivo" (1994). The album was recorded during them successful tour that took place in two continents, by more than seventeen countries, with a total of 178 representations. Once again, the Billboard magazine awarded to the band by the Best live Album of Pop Rock.

In order to complete the original alignment of four members, the band chosed a new guitarist After 80 aspirings of Mexico, Argentina, Chile and the United States offered hearing, the opportunity occurred to a Mexican guitarist called Sergio Vallin.

After the selection, the band began a long period of tests, and practiced new adjustments that culminated in their following album titled " Cuando los Angeles Lloran" (1995). This work was published simultaneously in 21 countries and it quickly became deserving of gold and platinum in some of them. In addition this album, granted to to the band them first nomination to the Grammy.

MANA, has maintained a conscious interest in the problems with respect to the ecosystems of the planet. On September of 1995, the band founded a organization called Selva Negra, to make conscience of the problems that considers to the ecology of the planet. Besides to make conscience, also this organization has been actively involved in designed programs to reforest areas.

An important news article of Modern Drummer (number of March of 1997) included in a segment the MANA drummer, Alex González. In this number, the magazine emphasized the MANNA history and designated to Alex like one of the best present drummers of pop-rock to world-wide level.

The album titled " Sueños Liquidos ", was published in October of 1997.Appearing simultaneously in 26 countries, the awaited launching began to win an incredible impetus. Simply in the United States, the disc appeared in number 67 of best the 200 of Billboard, in the first place of the list of best the 50 of Latin Hot of the Billboard, and in 10 days from its launching the 10 of October, the disc sold more than 300.000 copies. Whereas in Mexico, the disc won platinum in the same period of time. Other impressive numbers of sales were seen in Argentina, Bolivia, Spain, Chile and Venezuela, where won discs of gold and platinum to both months of its launching

In December of 1998, MANA was nominated for the second time consecutive, for the Grammy Prizes in the category Best Latin Album of Rock/Alternativo by " Sueños Líquidos"; prize of which the 24 of February of 1999 became deserving. This it is the first Grammy prize that win a Mexican band of rock.

In 1999, they published a new disc, ' MTV Unplugged', for this television network; this project includes in addition to the CD, Video-VHS and the first DVD done of a Latin band of rock. That same year they collaborated with Carlos Santana in his last disc.





Discs /Albums.

  1. Falta Amor. 1990.
  2. Dónde Jugarán los Niños. 1992.
  3. Maná en Vivo. (Recopilation of the tour 1993-1994) 1994
  4. Cuando los Angeles Lloran. 1995.
  5. Sueños Líquidos. 1997.
  6. Maná MTV Unplugged. 1999


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http://www.mana.com.mx/ (Oficial Site)


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