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Franco de Vita.


Franco de Vita, was born in Venezuela, in the middle of the Fifties. In the age of three years, he wento to live to Italy, country of origin of his parents, returning to Venezuela in the age of 13 years. Again in Caracas, Franco shares his studies with music and when he finished the high school, he began to study piano, in the Conservatory.

His professional live in the music, began with the group " Corpus " with Franco animated celebrations and the premises public of Caracas. In 1982 he formed the group "Icaro" . With this group he recorded a disc in which all the songs were written by him.

The following year, in 1983, Frank recorded his first solo disc, "Franco de Vita" with whom he surprised all the media and the music industry of his country. The album broke records of sales and popularity, obtaining golden and platinum records.

In 1986, Franco, published the album, "Fantasia", his second disc, that surpassed the sales of the previous; the more famous songs were: "Fantasia", "Frivola", " Aqui estás otra vez", " No hace falta decirlo" and " Sólo importas tu"; that last, was the song by the soap opera "La Dama de Rosa" that was emitted in most of the countries of Central America and Sudamerica.

The name of Franco de Vita, began, in this way, to be recognized in Latin America and, thanks to the song " Solo Palabras", that he recorded to pair with Frankie Valie, he began to be known too, in the American Latin population of USA..

His third album, " Al Norte del Sur ", went to the market in 1988 and surpasses million copies sold, thanks to the popularity of songs like: " Te equivocastes conmigo", " Louis ", " Un poco de Respeto", " Promesas", "Esta Vez", " Plaza del Centro" and "Al Norte del Sur", that sang to pair with the famous venezuelan music author Simón Diaz.

The following disc, "Extranjero", was published in 1990, obtaining the success éxito of his previous productions, thanks to the style of Franco to narrate, by his songs, histories of love, and social problems too. Of this album, emphasizes in individual, the song "No Basta", and its corresponding video, which, meant important recognitions for Franco de Vita.

In the year 1991, was published the album, " Marzo 16 ", a disc recorded live in a concert in the "Poliedro de Caracas"; that album is a compilation of his more important successes . In addition, in "Marzo 16" were incluided two unpublished songs: " No lo había Pensado" and " Entre tu vida la mia".

In 1993 the album "Voces a mi alrededor" was published, of which emphasize the songs " Calido y Frío", " Hijos de la Oscuridad", and " Y te Pienso".

"Fuera de este Mundo ", was his following disc in 1996. In this album we can appraised to a Franco more acoustic and intimate.

In 1998, the name of Franco de Vita raised the first places of the lists of successes worldwide, as author of "Vuelve", the song that was the name for the album in Spanish of Ricky Martin.

In his last production," Nada es Igual", of 1999, Franco presents us a disc in which he approaches to the Latin rates; without losing of his characteristic style. The songs more emphasized are: "Lluvia", "Si tu no estás", "Te veo venir soledad" and "Traigo una Pena" (Which the voices from Gilberto Santa Rosa and Cheo Feliciano)

The next Franco's Album will be in the avalaible in winter 2001.


Discs / Albums.

  1. Franco de Vita. 1983.
  2. Fantasía. 1986.
  3. Al Norte del Sur. 1988.
  4. Extranjero. 1990.
  5. Marzo 16 (En Vivo). 1991.
  6. Voces a mi Alrededor. 1993.
  7. Fuera de Este Mundo. 1996.
  8. Nada es Igual. 1999.


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